My Experience with Healing with Color Energy

Our life experiences and lessons make us who we are.

In my early days, I was exposed in equal measure to nature, Native American culture, Christianity, spirituality, and of course, family travails. Later I became aware of the pure essence of spirituality through prayer and meditation. I was introduced to color, strong visions, orbs, intuitive messages, and ultimately, healing with color.

Spirit guided me daily as I progressed on my journey. The first color I saw was red. From there it morphed to include all colors, visually as well as intuitively. I understand that all healing comes from God. Healers, like myself, are conduits of God’s healing power. I feel blessed to have been given this gift. In conducting healings, I am aided by all of nature, Native American shamans, my spiritual teachers, spirit guides, auras, and totems. Healings can be conducted in person or long distance. It has been my experience that they are equally effective. As God is the source of all healing, time and distance are of no concern.

How does color heal? Different colors have different vibrations. These vibrations have energy. The human body is an energy system. Different colors, different energy. For example, the color violet shrinks while green is a growth color. Color energy can alter our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions. Anyone can be healed by color, but is everyone healed by color? The answer is no. It’s all up to God’s plan.

The aura can also be used in the healing process. The aura is a colored energy field that surrounds the human body. The colors, clarity of color, the size and shape of the aura, and the definitive location of the same all provide information relating to the health and wellbeing of an individual. The colors I see for healing are provided by Spirit. I see them on the ailing person intuitively, visually, and in the palm of my hand.

Traditional medicine and doctors serve a critical role in our health, but we should not overlook proven alternative spiritual methods. Color therapy is not a cure for every health issue. You cannot use color to replace a medical prescription. Only healthcare professionals are qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. However, healing with colors is a method that works well with professional medicine. Many times, I have been involved with who were undergoing treatment for cancer. Some were taking chemotherapy while others were not. There were those who chose to bypass professional medicine and use color therapy alone. In all cases, we were working in harmony with Spirit for the benefit of the individual being treated.

In this spiritual walk, I have grown in faith and learned much about God, our Creator. I have learned that there is only one God and all religions are valid. I’ve learned that every lifetime has a meaning and a purpose and there is a reason for everything we experience on Earth. Most importantly, I have learned that every person is a special and unconditionally loved soul.

I will say that two of the most powerful lessons I have learned in this lifetime are forgiveness and love. God wants us to live by these simple truths:

  • Love yourself
  • Love one another
  • Be true to your word
  • Don’t try to conquer that which doesn’t belong to you
  • Live by ethical standards
  • Portray to the world love


God has blessed me with a wonderful journey and my lessons and learning are ongoing. From the early years to now, I have been given a remarkable life. With the guidance of Spirit, I look forward to the opportunity to follow this path and spread God’s gift of healing with colors.

Lee Hillberg



Apr 17

April 3, 2017

My Experience with Healing with Color Energy

By leehillberg /

Our life experiences and lessons make us who we are. In my early days, I was exposed in equal measure...

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