About the Book

Lee Hillberg begins One Man’s Spiritual Journey to Healing with Color Energy with his childhood years, reflecting on the difficulties that he and his family faced due to the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. He highlights events throughout his life that have been crucial to his spiritual growth and self-awareness. He had strong influences that guided him as well, from watching his mother perform séances to revering the devotion and godliness of his grandmother. This foundation helped him discover his own gift of healing.


The second half of his book gives detailed descriptions of healings, the power of colors, chakras, and lessons on connecting with God and nature. Lee describes how he personally experiences spirituality and strongly encourages his audience to apply these principles to their own life. Lee also shares the miraculous stories of those that have been healed through color. One Man’s Spiritual Journey to Healing with Color Energy is a thorough guide for walking in faith and approaching healing.